Season of Opulence has arrived, and with it, the ALL NEW “Crown of Sorrow” Raid! Today at 4pm, fire-teams from around the world will be competing to complete the challenge first. Truth be told, we have no interest in the world record aspect of it, only the strategies we can learn from it’s completion.

Destiny 2 (2)

New raids always present Guardians with an exciting challenge, and hopefully, some sweet ass loot! Let’s hope that this season doesn’t disappoint. So far, so good, even considering the recent exotic nerfs. Apparently, they were crucial to maintain a balance in the power distribution. We’ll see if that’s the case, or if they’re trying to pull another fast one on us (xp throttling). This might be a good time to jump back in and check out the new offerings, considering you’ve already purchased the yearly pass. Otherwise, we’d wait to see what the reviews say. (Our review of course;)


Destiny 2

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