Destiny 2’s Season of Opulence has arrived, and it is really fun! Perhaps the greatest highlight is the ALL NEW matchmaking event called The Menagerie. I’ve been playing Destiny since year one, and there are quite a few activities that really stand out as a ton of fun to participate in. Archon’s Forge was a classic, and had such a fun dynamic to it, that I fought probably hundreds of rounds (probably hours). The Menagerie has such a fun feel to the dynamic as well. Not to say that the mechanic’s are the same, but The Menagerie satisfies an itch that the Escalation Protocols couldn’t.

Ana Bray – Destiny 2

Don’t get me wrong, Escalation Protocol is a blast. I just prefer the raid feel that The Menagerie has. I mean, you even run the gauntlet from the original Leviathan Raid. Well, a variant of the Gauntlet, but it’s still really cool! There is a good balance of mayhem and tactics that makes your lips purse a bit, as you struggle to survive the absolutely brutal onslaught of powerful enemies. Things get really hairy, too! At one point, the entire fireteam stood amidst a flurry of supers from almost every Guardian. The light was so blinding, is was as if The Traveler was defeating Gaul once more. A hail of glorious glimmer, orbs and weapon telemetry spewed forth like a fountain of treasures. Watching an effective fireteam in action is a true spectacle to behold.

“Hasapiko may be beloved by Calus, but to us, he was no better than those bastard “Barons” that killed Cayde.” -Cicada EMPeror

A few days before the official launch of Destiny 2’s Season of Opulence, I heard stirrings from Bungie of anticipation. Anticipation to launch the new season quickly. The timing of Season of Opulence’s release would set it right before E3, which leads me to wonder if they had a big announcement planned for the event.

To my absolute surprise, a Destiny 2 Reveal Livestream notification greets me in orbit, as I layabout in my Skulking Fox. Okay, now I’m really intrigued. The Speakers are addressing us Guardians. The time and place, you know, crucial deets … it was all right there. We all knew that the Traveler’s radiance attracted something unfathomable, and now, the nightmares are coming.

Looks like we’re going back to the moon to face enemies thought long dead. Crota may return, and if so, we’ll send him back to the abyss where he belongs. Him and any other who threaten our light. Eris Morn may be behind everything. It’s too early to tell, but one thing is certain: Nothing is certain! From Dreaming Cities, to forgotten nightmares, Shadowkeep is shaping up to be an experience beyond what we’ve encountered thus far.

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