Zoology Wear

"Ahead of our Kind..."

Welcome to the official Zoology page at CicadaDynasty.com! We believe some introductions are in order, so let's answer some basic questions you may have:

Who are we?

We are a sister company and a proud part of the Dynasty family!

What do we offer?

Zoology has a philosophy unique to our brand. We are the more outspoken branch of the Cicada family tree. It tends to get us in a bit more trouble, but life's much more fun that way!

When were we formed?

Zoology was conceptualized just after 911. That event sparked an emotional response from the entire nation, so much in fact, that a collective of counter-culture misfits banded together in the name of artistic expression. A few years after that, Cicada Dynasty came into the picture. They took us from an arts collective to a collective force!

Where does Zoology call home?

Just like Cicada Dynasty, our humble beginnings are deeply rooted in Philadelphia. The Badlands, North Philly, to be exact!

Why did we decide to join the Dynasty?

That's the thing, we don't feel like it was ever an option. Not that they forced us, nothing like that. It was like finding a long lost sibling. We didn't choose to join the family, we were already a member, just didn't know it! Sometimes things just work out the they do, because they were meant to, no other reason.


Our company has two sides to the story, and they are quite literally night and day.


Zoology is about making a statement the best way we know how, through art! Our designs are created to provoke thought. We strive to challenge people's perspectives in hopes of influencing the creation of productive dialogue. Everyone has an opinion, we want our pieces to inspire people to express that opinion. Our designs may be considered controversial to some, but we believe an alarm has to be loud to awaken those who sleep!



CryptoZoology on the other hand, is a different animal (pun intended) entirely! The aim of this division is to serve as a constant reminder that the monsters are indeed real. The inspiration for these pieces are quite dark, in fact, they are drawn from negative real life experiences. The anger, hate, despair, loneliness, fear, uncertainty, and loathing all have a place here. Actually, they belong here. CryptoZoology was born in the shadows of society. Down the darkest ally, on the emptiest streets, our designs are given life!


This amalgam of complete opposites is done purposely. It's meant to convey the complexity of the human experience. We are resilient, yet fragile. We are philosophical, yet timid. We are, yet we are not.

Others may be ahead of their time, but at Zoology, we are "Ahead of our Kind..."